Matcha Caps for Nespresso ® machines

Matcha Caps: Matcha preparation at the push of a button

Now discover our latest product innovation and simply enjoy our Bio-Matcha at the touch of a button. All you need for this is a Nespresso ® machine and our practical Matcha Caps. Just give one of the Matcha Caps to the Nespresso ® machine, and you'll get a freshly brewed matcha tea at the push of a button.

The Preparation Of Your Matcha Tea in the Nespresso ® machine

In our Matcha Caps, just like our other products, only exquisite bio-matcha from Japan is processed. Each of the small capsules contains 1.5 grams of Bio-Matcha. As a result, the capsule is suitable both for the preparation of a small cup, as well as for a large cup.

With the amount of water for a small cup, you get a koicha, that is, a flavor-intensive matcha tea, in which the tea is traditionally spilled with very little water. If you choose the setting for a large cup in your nespresso ® machine, you will receive a Usucha. This is the more well-known and milder version, which is extended at the Japanese tea ceremony, that is, it is prepared with a little more water.

Can I use my Nespresso ® machine for coffee and matcha tea?

You can use your Nespresso ® machine without any problems for preparing coffee and matcha tea. In order to be safe, you can, of course, only run the machine with water, in order to enjoy the unadulterated matcha taste.